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Default What have I done?!?!

Well, I've finally gone and done it- I went crazy and ordered a butt-load of equipment for a fresh motor bike build. (My bike recently having been stolen, it was time to go for the gusto.)

So I ordered the following: 67cc Black Stallion Motor kit (Comes w biggie 2.5L tank)

Sick Bike Parts Standard Shift Kit (shifty gears!)

SBP Performance Air Filter (higher flow in)

SBP Expansion Chamber Exhaust Kit (back pressure and loudness!)

SBP Carb O-Ring (better carb seal on intake)

SBP 67cc Thin Head Gasket (increases Compression)

SBP High Efficiency Plug Wire (increases spark quality)

SBP Heavy Duty Front Freewheel (made by White Bros.)

SBP 11 Tooth Primary Drive Sprocket (increases top end)

SBP Fancy NGK Plug (better spark)

Manic Mechanic Clutch Actuator Kit (better feel, pulls from stops!)

SBP Engine Hardware Kit (grade 5 or better bolts for entire engine case)

Yeah, so that added up to quite the pretty penny! (Cool side note- we also ordered a Grubee motor for my one buddy and clutch kit for my other buddie's rigs at the same time!)

Now for the donor bike:

She's a 1984 Schwinn Sierra MTB. True Temper Chromoly frame, six speed rear freewheel, and O.G. "Bullmoose" handlebars. The bike is all original except for a retrofitted RST suspension fork. On this Pre-suspension Schwinn, a fork choppers out the HT angle a little for the worse, but that may equal out a bit with the added heft of the motor in-frame, and at speed, we'll see..

It's a quality old bike, in cream puff condition, and I believe the old school six speed rear freewheel and heavier gauge chain will be a perfect match for the SBP shift kit. My only qualm right now is I'm not in front of the bike at this moment and can suddenly not remember if it has a euro bottom bracket or an American one, and I'm just not positive if the SBP kit will come with what I need to set it up on either/or. I will worry about that when I get to it.

Anyhow, she's intended to be built up with a rear cargo rack and full coverage fenders, as well as knobby tires for some back roads/fire roads exploration. She'll be a spendy build when I'm done, but I figure why do this from scratch unless I can just do it up right?

Anyhow- there's my story! Can't wait to get my parts, I'll post pics of the donor bike tonight and when things start to arrive, update from there! What do you guys think about my little plan?



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Firebelly Built 1985 Schwinn Sierra HT 67cc W/ Puch 50cc Cylinder Head, SBP Shift Kit, Pypelyne Exhaust, JNM Velocity Stack and Hi Flow Filter

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