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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

Glad to hear you all like the idea. I forgot to mention in the details something called
a "Long Pull" hand brake lever. (ever heard of one of those ?) When I first saw one it
got me thinking about the movement above. I figured the spring would be needed to
release the coaster brake grip so it wouldn't lock up but I may be wrong. Bitter-ending the
chain on the sprocket might even work and that keeps me thinking of that mod Uncle Kudzu
put up from another board for doing that too. I've never taken one of those coaster's appart to modify it but it may be the rest of the puzzle. I'd even thought of taking a thin grinding wheel
and cutting off a tangent of the sprocket and welding a lever along that cut to increase the
leverage from the hand brake. (still if a spring was required a hole could be drilled thru the
sprocket and anchored thru a hole in the fork tine. (but I was thinking the chain system would
give it a 1890 look)

I was just figuring the spring would release the grip of the brake similar to pedaling foreward
would release the rear coaster.

On the amount of leverage necessary that Tom speaks of, I was wondering if the long pull brake lever (which positions the fulcrum of the brake lever further out from the handle bar making the reach longer thus increasing the mechanical advantage) would be adequate. And, what percent of the total braking would come from such a front brake system. After reading about the
Strumey-Archer's and Shimano's in some other forums I noticed the guys claiming they could
bring the rear wheel off the ground. I'd rather this front brake not be quite that effective.

On my vintage motorbike design I don't want to use rim brakes with rubber pads. So, I have a
lot of hopes for this system. With the springer I want to build, this brake, and the headlight
this ride should turn heads real quick. A virtual eye-candy store.

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