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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

"Last night I was thinking about mounting a rear coaster brake drum wheel in the front forks
and wrapping a piece of chain around the sprocket where one end would conect to the brake
cable and the opposite end to a return spring attached to the fork. (the cable connection would
be mounted on the front side of the right fork tine and the return spring connected to the back
side of it) The chain part would be secured to the sprocket by placing a small band over it
where a small bolt could pass thru the band and hole drilled thru the sprocket to hold the chain
in place on the sprocket. The hand brake would have similar action on the front brakei as
pressing backwards on the pedal crank would have on the rear. As few people today have
seen such a mechanical movement like that on a bike, it may appear vintage to them. ("Wow !
Did they build em like that in the old days ???)"

Thats a really cool thought!!! Gonna give that a thunk eDJ. Lots of old coaster rear wheels to be had for free or next to nutton.

I started a thread on when, like we all do, can't find a link or found one some one else was looking for. I mentioned the search for your hub.
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