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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

Thanks Dan I appreciate that info.

That Shimano Sport Dynamo hub looks about like what saw posted here a few months ago.
It wasn't a dynamo but just a front drum brake, and it didn't have the quick release. Otherwise
looked about like it though. At the time I didn't anticipate I'd be interested in one but in this
ongoing search for stuff that would look vintage on a build, well now I wish I'd bookmarked it.

I like that ehow article and perhaps that could be the way to go to do something with the look
of the front axle.

Last night I was thinking about mounting a rear coaster brake drum wheel in the front forks
and wrapping a piece of chain around the sprocket where one end would conect to the brake
cable and the opposite end to a return spring attached to the fork. (the cable connection would
be mounted on the front side of the right fork tine and the return spring connected to the back
side of it) The chain part would be secured to the sprocket by placing a small band over it
where a small bolt could pass thru the band and hole drilled thru the sprocket to hold the chain
in place on the sprocket. The hand brake would have similar action on the front brakei as
pressing backwards on the pedal crank would have on the rear. As few people today have
seen such a mechanical movement like that on a bike, it may appear vintage to them. ("Wow !
Did they build em like that in the old days ???)

I've figured out a way to build an old vintage headlamp but I'll save that for later. (I can save
myself enough for the motor I want if I build most of the "faux" vintage accessories) That
leaves having to scrounge up some old fenders, a vintage seat, and some white tires. Just
not sure if I want to go with Olive Drab or Fire Engine Red but I've looked at Beige and Grey
also. (I'm now researching the colors that vintage bikes would have used)

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