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Default Re: Compression after 9 Months

Originally Posted by rmeloy34 View Post
I would adjust your clutch,also...check the blue wire mine came out the other day and I pedaled dam near a 1/4 mile trying to start before I realized LOL
I think you were right ! Also, that was my idea in post #15, . . (I am believing this is a clutch related situation, just a guess.)

BTW, . . How did you deduce that ?

I did adjust the carburetor, as there is no Handle Throttle at this time, however, I also adjusted the clutch, since, it was a little on the lite side, ( in gear you could easily, push it).

It started up, although I am not entirely sure, as I remixed the gas, adjusted the clutch, and made sure the idler was set, to an open position.

Thanks everyone for your efforts, they were appreciated, I would have been stuck here alone without you !
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