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Originally Posted by Rav3n805 View Post
That Columbia is sick . Iwant one!
My cruiser is from 2000,Schwinn deluxe 7, I Changed it up to look like a phantom from the 1950's, those cost around 1-4k too much $$ for me.
What kinda engine is on you're cruiser? looks clean

Yea the right grip was hand sewn to cover the throttle, This is my only bike, so will post some more pictures later
Same PB bike but one pic is a BGF 80cc 2 stroke and top pic is her with a Honda/Grubee. Is my first 4 smoker and have to say it really makes for a great MB.

Is the phantom tank real or is your tank rack mounted? Really great looking Bike. I found a local dealer who will get me a Deluxe 7 (2009) for $600. Wohoo! Now all's I need is $600, snork.
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