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Default Re: proper 70cc oil mix?

8 oz/gal?? that is 16/1 am I correct?where did tou get that information? seems like alot,the instructions for the 80 are about 32/1 after break in...I am looking for someplace where it lists this 70cc motor and exactly the mix they call for....the following is cut and pasted from my manual...
The engine is a 2 cycle design, therefore, a gasoline/oil mixture is necessary. During the break-in period (1st gallon of
fuel), the ratio for 48cc is 25 parts gasoline to 1 part oil. Break in ratio for 80cc is 20 to 1. After the break-in period, the
ratio is increased to 30 to 35 parts gasoline to 1 part oil.
*NOTE: Use only Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil to insure proper engine lubrication. !

this is why I am confused...
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