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Default Just been ripped off...

Had one fine member (feel free to come forward and "testify!") of this delightful community get in touch to buy a complete wheel with sprocket mounted on a custom Hub.

"No problem" said I and due to his admirable membership, and the fact we didn't have em in stock i granted the member free shipping to the US as a bit of a thank you.
Any hoo after a bit the member got in touch.

Turns out we'd been taken for a ride!

The bad supplier had shafted me AND him and here's how.

The member didn't recieve the wheel, instead the member recieved just the HUB and sprocket.
We paid for the shipping of a wheel, which the supplier obviously pocketed as a hub would be vastly cheaper.

Got in touch in a jiffy with PayPal,

Filed a "significantly not as described" claim. PayPal ruled the following

"We're unable to decide this claim in your favour at this time. PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies to the delivery
of goods but not to disputes about merchandise quality."


Phoned the jerks up, and here's the kicker.

They can't refund because the item was not bought through eBay!
Apparently (and the advisor confirmed this) when paying a paypal invoice
lets say for a bicycle, the seller can send you a paper aeroplane and PayPal
STILL would not decide in your favour.

The only reason we use them is for
the so called protection they offer ourselves and our customers.

This means, as much as it makes my teeth itch! at this moment in time, we
can only refund the profit made on the transaction. Which itself is an issue as we made a pitiful amount and you have to have the currency waiting, which we don't.


I can't apologies enough to the member concerned, if you're happy to, feel free to back me up on this. Again really sorry for this.
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