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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

take off the fuel line to the carb, turn on the fuel, you should have a good flow if not your tanks fuel valeve is clogged with tank crap.clean the fuel tank valve and srceen if it has one.
take the carb apart under the float arm is the needle either tke it out and blow air through it or hook up a chunk of fuel line and blow throught the inlet of the carbs fuel line to make sure the flost needle is not plugged.
take off the float chamber and blow through the main jet make sure it is open. the main jet should measure 0.025. your needle should measure around .0700 up at the top close to the clip slots and taper to about 0.065 at the end of the needle.
there is a vent on the carb take off the aircleaner and look close you will see a smalll 1/8" hole that is drilled and makes a 90 degree turn to the float chamber it needs to be open clean with compressed air ot carb cleaner.
I've been over all this before with others last resort send me the carb I'll either make it run or we can put it in low earth orbit. its up to you.
with it all together take the sparkplug off and put a teaspoon of fuel in the cylinder put the plug back on and pedal it.

Check out my post on the classics on carb tear down and reassemby if you still can't get it going pm me and I will get you going no need to post on this anymore. ok!

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