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Yesterday was trip #5 to work, and stopped at gas station after work. It was really windy, and when I came out from paying, the bike was on its side. The engine'gearbox itself wasn't even scratched, but the engine rack was tweaked, which caused the drive chain to "ride up" on the sprocket teeth as I pushed it to the pump. I loosened up the bolt and pushed with feet and pulled with hands for about 15 minutes until it got roughly aligned between the sprockets. Adjusted the turnbuckles until things were good enough. Rode 20 miles home, felt a few wierd kicks from chain like riding up again. Spent about an hour in the shop tweaking and twisting until sprockets were as perfectly aligned as it was ever going to get.
Today, rode 20 uneventful miles to work this morning. On return trip I get about a mile away and BANG! SCREEECH of locked rear wheel. Chain must have ridden up all the way onto tips of sprocket teeth because the side mounts were flared way out from the compression and one broke completely, at which point the chain came off and wrapped up and locked wheel. Thankfully I was still in town and not out on the 6inch shoulder of curving mountain highway with nowhere to hide. I separated the mess to push it a couple blocks to bus station to get within 6 miles of home. Plop the bike onto front rack. $3 fare and they're not allowed to give change for my $5 bill, and two blocks later the bus driver kicks me off because there's a gas tank on the bike and rules say no-no. I asked for my money back and he said no. I stare at him while pointing to my broken bike and ask him if he realizes I have to push it 20 miles to get home. "sorry" barely audible through the closing doors.
Begging a co-worker and waiting 2 hours until their shift ended got me home 4 hours late, but home nonetheless.

So, maybe motorbikes truly aren't for me, despite being a patient man and fully capable fabicator/repairman. The long distances on unfriendly roads combined with being stranded on said roads so far from home has made me decide to give it all up again, but for good this time!!
Anybody want a slightly used rear-mount 4 stroke kit and bike combo for relatively cheap? Make me an offer. Maybe someone in Bay Area will take the whole thing so no shipping? I'm disappointed because this 4 stroke setup was feeling super reliable compared to the Chinagirl, but it's clearly a jinx that is on me, not necessarily the equipment.

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