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Default Re: I'm about to use this motor as a boat anchor!


Check everything over methodically...take out the time to do this...time that you can devote to calmly looking everything over. Look for the obvious first!

Most problems end up being simple. Homer typical.

I break mine in, heavy on fossil oil, 20:1 or more. I doubt your problem has anything to do with the type of oil or the mix ratio, although you really should observe the heavy fossil oil rule for break-in. Look it up on the SAE website, (society of automotive engineers)

Brett Maverick broke his first engine in on outboard oil, because that's what I had in the shop and I told him it wouldn't matter. After finding out we really shouldn't be using marine oil, we pulled his apart and the top end was still like new. There is a logical reason for not using marine oil, and we don't use outboard oil any more. Lesson learned and no harm done.

If you still have problems after another look over let me know....


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