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Default Re: proper 70cc oil mix?

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Engine size does not matter much for the Chengines. Your 67cc uses the same ratio as mentioned in all the other oil ratio threads.
Oil brand/type, climate, load, jetting and the engine design itself makes more difference than the engine size in this case.
2.6 oz/gal is 50:1 - this would work with a broken in engine and a very good oil, but not necessarily low cost oil.
What brand is this Lowe's oil?
So ... what you are telling me is that a 70cc is actually 67cc...GOT THAT:-) so,im guessing the 80s are the same no? I simply want to know the correct mix so I dont have to guess anymore.
I am running the same type of chinese 2 stroke as most of the people here. Im not running 50/1 I run 32/1 because the guy that sold me the motor reccomended 30-35 after break in so I figure 32 is about right but that was specified for an 80 not a 70 are they the same motor? I wouldnt be surprised,ive been told they are.I dont know about this lowes oil,I dont trust anything that is a magic fix across the board,there is a reason for 32/1 and 4 0z/gal, if I cooked my motor with this oil on thier recommended mix you could bet they would be buying me a new one as thier misprinted bottle was being surgicaly removed from thier ummmm....shelf! LOL!
Thanx for the input,im still a bit confused Ill check the threads
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