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Default pics of my nirve bike, ignore my messy garage haha

Here is my Nirve build, I did this 2 days after having all my wisdom teeth pulled haha (no pain meds). I bought the bike from a guy locally on craigslist... he said the back wheel needed to be replaced (it actually just needed new bearings) I rebuilt the entire coaster hub, new pads, axle, races, bearings, the works except for the coaster sprocket. Paid 60$ for the bike... not bad for a hand built frame. I got the motor off Ebay for 140$. I just finished making a 6 volt xenon re-chargeable light for it (used the shell for the bell light) It has a valve controlled re-chargeable battery so it does not leak. I plan on adding an expansion chamber to it, I want to make the engine a bit louder so I can be heard by motorists... hope you guys like it

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