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Default proper 70cc oil mix?

Does anyone else run a 70cc (N-70) kit?? I have been mixing about 32 /1 (4 0z to Gal) but I am not completely sure if im correct because the instructions are specific to a 49 0r 80 cc.
I tried a new oil and I seem to be smoking more than usual so I thought mabey I was running too rich,Id like to back off on the mix a bit but I want to be sure I dont go too lean,Id rather smoke than cook my motor. If anyone is Running an N-70 what are you using?
a friend of mine gave me this so called idiot proof oil,its blue and has a little cup built into the bottle
it calls for 1 cup per gallon for all mixes,the cup is only about 2.6 and it seemed strange because 32/1 is 4 oz, has anyone seen this?,its for sale at Lowes. mabey its a typo on the label im a little afraid of it unless I get some positive feedback.
Lastly on this subject is there any harm in using regular 2 cycle or semi synth.? how about the synth Marine 2 cycle,is that ok to use?
Advanced Auto parts had a fully synth. 2 cycle motorcycle racing oil,they discontinued it he sold me the last quart for a penny and I havent seen it since.
Im sure im making this more difficult than it has to be,any feedback would be great!
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