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Default Re: Shipping Cost for parts

A few years back, the U.S. post office was notoriously slow and within a small margin, (price wise), of the cost of UPS or Fed-Ex.


USPS prices are way less on 5lbs and under, and the service is unbelievable!!!

I sent a package to England regular first international special anything. It got there in 4 DAYS!!!

I've sent packages from Florida to the west U.S. coast by priority mail, ($4.95 for one pound), that arrived the next day!!! UPS or Fed-ex would have charged $40-$50 for the same service on one pound of product.

USPS is a real bargain today...I would recommend it to any supplier for small packages.

And as Grouchy said, they have flat rate boxes that are a real bargain...

I think USPS is trying really hard to get noticed and it just hasn't caught on yet.

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