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Default Re: Shipping Cost for parts

Hmm. I just came back from the post office. They have a small flat rate box that those parts would fit into. The shipping for that is only 5 bucks. If they had to use the larger box, shipping doubles, but it's good for up to something like 50 lbs., so long as it fits in that box.

At 1 lb., they could pack the parts into a regular Priority box and shipping would be less than 5 bucks.

Did you try asking them if they could use USPS Priority instead? Most businesses use Fedex or UPS for convenience. You have to ask if they can ship your parts via USPS Priority instead. Most will. If they don't, cancel and order from elsewhere.

That $26 for UPS ground don't sound right. Might want to ask them about it and also inquire about handling fees they may be charging you. Still shouldn't be that much, though.
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