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Default Re: is 40:1 ok after break in?

How Bad is oil that is not detergent oil, I have not been running detergent, Last 2 quarts have been Valvoline, 2 Cycle. Multi purpose, I was using a mixture of 30-1 and changed to 35-1, =4.5 oz. oil, it was hard to start now can't start at all, might have become worse as the previous tank empty out and was replaced by the 35:1, Sounds like these guys are running pretty dry gas, but Kings recommends 20:1 first gallon, Can't figure this, not starting, getting spark, should be getting fire, Not getting the slightest. Didn't know that these engines are so finicky or maybe that isn't the problem at all ?

Looked at the Cylinder through the Spark Plug hole and see speckled Top of the Cylinder, looks kind of light Tan and black Speckles ?? Anybody have a clue ?

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