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Default Re: A good man and respected MB'er has taken a nasty spill

I'm sorry to hear about this but just as glad to hear he was wearing a helment. I do hope
he mend well and can continue. I had read once where mile per mile of travel a bicycle
has the highest accident statistic so owning and wearing a helment should go without

I've had a spill or two on my motorcycles and realized the difference a helment could make
back then. Recently, back in Feburary, I slipped on the "black ice" in front of my place on the
concrete driveway. There was a thin dusting of snow over it and I was sweeping it with a broom
when my feet went out from under me and I landed near horizontally hitting butt first and a
second later slamming the back of my head to the concrete. I didn't even have a hat on and
was knocked dizzy. How I wished I had put on a helment. By the time I got upstairs I had blood
dripping all over my shoulders where my head had hit on a seam in the concrete and sliced my scalp open soaking my hair full of blood. The whole thing happened within a few seconds.

Had I been closer to the curb I'd have broken my neck and not writing this.

So, I'm glad Kawasaki is pulling out of it now and hope he drinks his milk to get his bones
strong again. I think of these lessons everytime I see a motorcycle with a sticker on it that
says "Helment Laws Suck". (try having a bad spill without a helment)

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