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Default hello from the Beach

hey there: wanted to say this is a wonderful site for the motorized bicycle folks such as myself. glad i found it and registered. my name is john lutz and i own Mid-Atlantic cycle in Lancaster County, PA. last summer i built my first motorbike on a new 7spd. beach cruiser bike with an 80cc 2-stroke motor kit from ebay, think it was a "gofast" kit from canada as i recall. after working out the initial bugs which took a few hours (rear sprocket wobble and cleaning up teeth/carb-cable adjustment/motor alignment adjustment/chain tensioner adjustment) and things of that nature that i'm sure we all go thru, bike has been a real treat to ride down at the beach.
having said that, i'm still battling 2 simple carb problems i can't seem to solve. idle is very inconsistent and carb that came with kit has no adjustment for low speed air/fuel contro. it's fixed. i have needle clip in top groove and mixture is about spot-on. could stand to be just a tad leaner but will suffice as is. is there any way to improve idle quality on these things without switching to totally different carb? i just ordered new carb for $12 from gasbikes thinking maybe mine was a dud from new. also, is it good idea to, from time to time as maintenance item, to remove countershaft sprocket and lube up the bearing behind it? that bearing seems to be under quite the load i would imagine. does matching intake pipe and pipe gasket to intake port improve rideability, especially the really crappy idle? lastly and i know this is alot of questions, when can i drop down to about 5 ounces of oil to gallong of pre-mix? bike has about 50 miles on it now. thanks very much for all responses, enjoy this forum very, very much.
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