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Default Re: So many problems, Just wanna know....?

I looked around for pics with no luck but another member may find one.
You must not be seating your engine in place properly and are using the two studs to draw the engine into place. The engine should sit in place and the studs are to just hold it in place.
As for making a mount, try to picture a piece of flat piece of metal bar about a 1/4 inch thick and about 5 inches long and one inch wide. Now you drill four holes in it. Two of the holes are lined up with your studs. Now it can be mounted on the engine. Now you take a muffler clamp and from the front of the bike you put the clamp over the bikes downtube and through the remaining two holes. Now you put the two nuts on the clamp and you are done.
Another way I have used is to drill one hole in the centre of that stock mount that comes with the kit and put a bolt through it. You can drill the frame and run that one bolt through the frame. Go over to sickbikeparts site and look at how they make a rear mount. Same idea as my first suggestion but they use a larger bracket and run with two muffler clamps instead of just one and thier mount runs vertical instead of horizontal. I'm sure you will get it after seeing it.
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