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Default So many problems, Just wanna know....?

Now to start off i would like to say I have run this kit for over 5000 miles on an old Vega beach cruiser from 1970s, full on hard tail and everything. I was riding an average of 14 miles 1 way and putting in some good miles for a few weeks. Loved the engine even thought the motor mounts stripped and the chain destroyed 3 wheels. It was time for a new bike something that would offer a little more ease to my Sore bottom. I purchased a Motiv full suspension bike i am starting to modify. The frame is aluminum and is wider then the motor mounts will accommodate. I am planning to weld mounts to the bike and motor witch will allow me to complete this monster Full suspension project I just need to have a few questions answered. In order to weld mounts directly to the motor i need to know exactly what these little beasts are made of. I need to know what kind of metal and what temp they are cast at. If anyone has ANY idea of where i can find such information let me know please. Or if you are a welder yourself and have welded parts to your engine to make it more sturdy let me know the process used, IE. (Tig, Mig, what kinda rod used and amps) Any information will help me at this point because I am going into this project with blinders on. Im going to Post pictures later of my build and will give the information i find most use full back to the community. Just like i said if you have any ideas or comments on this post leave some feed back i would love to hear from all my Motor Head buddys.
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