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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

wow all this over $1 mounting bolts,and you thought that would hold at 30mph on a cheap bike with you building it,you knew what the parts are made out of before putting them on there,if you wanted a motorcycle,you should have upgraded your parts to atleast moped personnaly i build my stuff to hold up and check my stock parts often.i go on short trips to the store and travel around 15-20mph,any more than that and i would have to upgrade all parts to solid steel and get a new bike.but just like evryone said if a bolt breaks on a ford,everyone that owns a ford is not going to stop driving,there just going to replace what broke and keep going.But just incase the bolts were faulty(im not sure if they were,because we have so many people not properly installing there engines,im not saying that youre one of them or anything)but thanks for the heads up.but im not going to stop riding,its my only transportation.
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