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Default Re: Bye bye bicycle :(

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I hope you got your chain/sprocket all worn in before you chucked the tensioner.

I got rid of the buttery, easy strip bolts that held the tensioner on and used grade 5 bolts. I also used big, cupped washers under the tensioner.

I've never had one come loose.

Yes I did. I tried to fit the chain the first time without the tensioner but I could not do it until the chain stretched some. It seems to not be stretching much now after about 2 tanks or so.

To me it looks like if the chain comes loose or if the engine locks up it could become very tight on the bottom putting large pressure on the tensioner causing it to spin or even bend into the spokes.

When I pop the clutch to start it also puts pressure on it.

Bad enough having a chain come loose. A loose chain and a tensioner bent into the spokes I can do without.


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