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Howdy Gus, welcome. Cool thing about this crazy hobby is it is fairly cheap and you can do all 3 (and multiples there in) You ride the one you just built, while finishing up another the whole while planing a 3rd.

Deacon wrote a booklet on a DIY for under $100. Chinagirl kit prices have gone way down so with a new Walmart or cheap bike, you can build a really cool lookin' motorized bicycle for between 2 and $300 (less on a used bike) Can also start at the bargain basement and swap out parts as you go, take your time and build some thing really unique and cool over years. Their never really finished, more on the back-burner while your all jazed up on another project.

Snork, I need help. (problem is, the 12 steps lead to the garage and my MB)
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