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Default Re: Chop Cut Rebuild ......the movie.. lol

Yea Terry, I dont think i would make it exactly like they did in 1908 , i would just cut one side of the pipe and wrap it around the bar then shape the cone ends using possibly the metal funnel idea and also cut one side to wrap around the bar and weld it all in place and use some nice sanding grinders for all the finishing touches. I would just incorporate the bike frame as part of the structure of the tank. But man the work they had to do when this bike was made is unbelievable. and the craftsmanship is so stunning it kinda takes my breath away .

and yea we are alot alike by the sounds of it , and my wife also gets kinda bored with all my shop talk too . haha

your local scrap yard will have what ya need as far as pipe goes im sure.But a shear/rolloer combo you talked about seems the most professional way to make tanks anyways .
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