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Default Re: Hello from Maryland

Originally Posted by Cannonfish View Post
Hello again - well, I've run into a snag already. I've got the sprocket mounted on the rear wheel and the engine mounted on the frame. I've got the clutch cable hooked up (at least, I think), and the chain on the drive sprocket...

But when I spin the back wheel (which takes a lot of effort), the engine doesn't turn over. I've tried this both with the clutch actuator pushed in and with it let out.

I took off the right-side engine cover and looked in there, and I'm seeing a silver disc spinning on top of the large gear. I believe this may be the actual clutch? Anyway it won't engage the gears at all, regardless of what position I hold the actuator in while I spin the back wheel.

I tried tightening that flower-nut on top of the silver disc, but that didn't seem to help. Then I took the flower-nut completely off and tried tightening and then loosening the 3/4" nut underneath it, along with the 3/4" nut on the sprocket side of the clutch "axle", but none of that seemed to do anything at all. Am I missing something simple?

I *knew* I shouldn't have looked under all those panels before I mounted the engine...
A way to test if you have the clutch cable adjusted correctly is, with both hands, push in the arm. It will be hard, but push until it stops moving. You won't break it. (if you do, I am on your team for any bar brawls!) While holding it with one hand, roll bike (or spin engine sprocket if you have the chain back off. would be easier) as you slowly let the arm back out. As soon as the sprocket stops turning, you found the sweet spot and you will know instantly where the cable stop should be. Will make perfect sense after you do it. With out a doubt, this is the biggest first build, first problem. Welcome to motorized bicycle riding! lol
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