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Default Re: Chop Cut Rebuild ......the movie.. lol

Oh man that tank is cool, but it does look relatively easy to build. the easiest way would be to use 5 -6 inch thin wall steel pipe and two steel gas funnels. just cut the nipples off the funnels and weld it all together to fit the top bar .

Can you imagine seeing that contraption running down the road ? what a thing of beauty that bike is . and too think it was made over 100 years ago.

and yea its true Jezusjonz, it is my way to make a living,but welding and fabricating is also my passion so I have so damn much fun at work that I still have the energy to build things when i get home also. But tooling up for bike making is so different than what im used to doing that is the reason it is alot of fun for me personally to do stuff like these bikes. But I will never get as fancy as some of these builds I have seen, mainly due to time limitations and I hate projects that take me alot of hours to complete . My first build was done in 7 or so hours and my second was done in 4 hours. Thats enough time to enjoy what I built and also have a couple brews while Im doing something so fun ya know.
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