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Question Re: Hello from Maryland

Hello again - well, I've run into a snag already. I've got the sprocket mounted on the rear wheel and the engine mounted on the frame. I've got the clutch cable hooked up (at least, I think), and the chain on the drive sprocket...

But when I spin the back wheel (which takes a lot of effort), the engine doesn't turn over. I've tried this both with the clutch actuator pushed in and with it let out.

I took off the right-side engine cover and looked in there, and I'm seeing a silver disc spinning on top of the large gear. I believe this may be the actual clutch? Anyway it won't engage the gears at all, regardless of what position I hold the actuator in while I spin the back wheel.

I tried tightening that flower-nut on top of the silver disc, but that didn't seem to help. Then I took the flower-nut completely off and tried tightening and then loosening the 3/4" nut underneath it, along with the 3/4" nut on the sprocket side of the clutch "axle", but none of that seemed to do anything at all. Am I missing something simple?

I *knew* I shouldn't have looked under all those panels before I mounted the engine...
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