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Default Re: Clutch Help Please!


My clutch arm requires 14 to 16 lbs of force applied at the end of the arm to pull it in. The clutch lever on the handle bars requires about 14 lbs of force applied at the end of the lever. This amount of force seems “easy” for me, but my wife, daughter, and you may not agree. When pulled in all the way, the clutch lever causes the clutch arm to swing through about 30 degs of rotation on the engine. It seems like the clutch disengages about 90 percent of the way when the clutch arm on the engine is pulled in about 10 or 15 degs. This is the point at which the little button on the clutch lever will hold the clutch – so the button doesn’t disengage the clutch enough to make the button useful. I can’t push the bike unless I pull the clutch lever in all the way – I can peddle, but I wouldn’t want to for long.

As I recall (all the way back to two weeks ago when I got the engine), the clutch arm on the engine was much harder to push thru it’s range of motion for the first few times, then either I got used to it, or it loosened up.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

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