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Wink Re: Clutch Help Please!

well, i would like to thank you all for your help and for your quick responses. I really was not expecting to get such an instant response to ALL of my bimbo posts!

Skjjoe was right, I had loosened it up too much (I took the flower nut out complete)
And Jim, you were right, I just needed to put it back together and take it slow.

This helped me understand exactly what I was playing with....

"Put it back together, adjust it, and simply ensure that the clutch plate is not against the friction material when the clutch lever is pulled."

So thanks for that.

At one stage I found that the bike would roll with the clutch lever in (as it should) but would still roll (with some resistance) with the lever out. Then it was a case of DAAARRR put the spark plug back in! And hey presto! No rolling!!

Still got a stiff clutch but im going to assume this will be the case during break in. If not, i will be looking at purchasing one of those actuators

Thanks guys!

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