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Default Re: First posts are for venting, and other things

Welcome to the forum. Dan gives good advice. There is absolutely no reason to select one of those high dollar bikes as your first motorized experiment. You want to stick to a steel frame if possible, (not ruling out an aluminum frame, steel just makes it easier for the beginner). Few, if any of us use the exotic materials, carbon fiber, carbon composite, etc etc. Steel is the best choice and usually the least expensive. Take a drive by the local Goodwill stores, garage sales and second hand stores and look for a good solid 26" 'V' frame bike for your first attempt at motorizing. If you elect to go for the 2stroke, in-frame kit, of which there is a huge selection to choose from, the 'V' frame will allow an easy install without fabricating mounts. Most of the cruiser style frames, such as The Schwinn Point Beach, Jaguar, etc. will require a special mount for the curved, and often oversized down tube. Keep it simple the first time and you'll be rewarded with a successful build that will give you confidence to approach your next project...and if you're like most of us, there will be a second...and a third, and on and on. Good luck, keep us informed on your selections and progress. We're all here to help and answer the inevitable questions you'll have on that first project.
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