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Default Re: Clutch Help Please!

ok, so i've checked out Normans step by step guide for getting to the woodruff key in another thread about the clutch but I dont have the tools to take off the small gear.

But I can confirm that nothing fell out, unless its stuck in the gearbox somewhere? (although I cant see anything floating about inside).

Also, when I turned that hub nut, all it did was turn the chain sproket on the other side in turn making the wheel roll backward. So I dont think it really loosened anything?

The bike is still rolling freely with the clutch arm cover off on the left and the cover, flower nut, clutch plate and spring off on the right side.

Still a woodruff problem??? If so, can anyone tell me another way of getting the small gear off? Unscrewwing it just turns the cogs.
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