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Default Re: Clutch Help Please!

Thanx Bikeguy Joe! I've been trying to find that thread for ages! I came accross it a while ago (before I knew I had a clutch issue) and forgot to bookmark it.

So heres my new problem... in my attempt to carry out Jims "External adjustment of the primary clutch spring " heres what I did....

Took off chain sprocket cover on left side
Took off outer casing on right side.
Took out little screw
Unscrewed flower nut
Took off clutch plate
Removed spring
took the tool supplied for spark plug and chain sprocket and turned the nut in the centre of the right side a couple of notches and all of a sudden, the bike is happy to roll.

Hip hip horray? no.
Now, the bike rolls freely with the clutch cable detached from the clutch arm. i.e, the lever does nothing.

Clutch arm still has same amount of stiffness.
I put it all back together and the bike is still rolling.
When I push against the arm, I can see, just as before, the clutch plate moving in and out, but the bike still rolls.

So, i've gone from one extreem to the other.

Have I broken it???? even more that it was already????
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