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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Originally Posted by Hill of Beans View Post
I read every post on this thread including the chit chat. Very informative.
Hoping to read more reviews about, but apparently few have dealt with them.
well let me tell you all my little story about Wholesale Beach Cruisers, Chopper, Mountain, Road, Tandem and BMX Freestyle Bicycles. - Bike

To be honest had I not accidentally found there site I most certainly would not have found this site either.

I was doing a google search about a month or so ago and typed "motor in a bike" and bikeberry was one I went to first. I browsed there website like a kid in a candy store, I mean I practically had it memorized.

So i find what I want and i go to there checkout , I put all my info in there including a phone number. Well as it turns out there site was glitching and I could not put the order is , so I gave up since my wife was hassiling me anyways about spending more money.

Well this is the deal maker , they gave ME a call !! Can you believe that ? They asked me had I put in a motor order and I said yes and explained what was up with there website.

My wife says it must be karma cause no where else had I experienced a phone call from a vendor online like this before.

well to make a long story short, it is because of bike bery's personal that got me my first engine, it is an "80 cc" kit from there site. It arrived and installed just like it was advertised. My only real issue was the so called "directions" it was nothing more than a parts list. So i had to stop the install and go to google and figure out how to install it , and thats when i found this site and all the great info on these engine installs.

I have since ordered another 80 cc from Wholesale Beach Cruisers, Chopper, Mountain, Road, Tandem and BMX Freestyle Bicycles. - Bike and it was the same story as the first engine and another call from them.

I give there staff a perfect 10 for helping me and making my orders a pleasant experience.

I give the product a 7 out of 10 cause they are made in china . hahaha but they work so i am a hapy motor biker and have joined you all in this fine forum.

For when it is to rainy and cold outside to play with my bike .
I go here
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