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Default Re: A good man and respected MB'er has taken a nasty spill

Wow, what rotten luck! Did Craigs bike have a steel fender on it? I feel his pain.

I used to ride and race road bicycles and was on a long descent doing over 50mph when my front tire just went flat. I was very lucky and I rode it out to a stop while watching the tire go from one side of the rim to the other. The guys I was riding with couldn't believe I didn't eat it and die! Incidents like this really do make you think. Craig will be back in the saddle soon I'm sure! Get well fast.

Originally Posted by dvddtz View Post
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.I think I will go helmet shopping this week.
Good idea. I had a fireman buddy that crashed doing 20mph years ago. He left his helmet at home and woke up in the hospital after they opened his skull up to repair some of the damage. He never worked again and never did get where he could remember names. He just called everyone "buddy". The docs said if he had a helmet on he would have walked away.

A regular bicycle helmet is probably all we need. I spent $40.00 on a new one last week. I won't ride without it.

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