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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

The spark plug sparks. My buddy tried the china ones the z74c.. Same thing. both got spark. checked the carb..The carb is fine. It's just being stupid. It been nothing but problems for as long as i had it and now that I got it back.. It's starting all over. It will work fine for a day then act up. When you do get it to work it simply wont work as well as it should. I'm running out of idea's as to what could be it's issue. The only thing I can think or my buddy is electrical problem..Hard to say. Not sure why it's been so complicated when it's a pretty simple machine.

I'm most likely going to dismantle it and keep whatever parts I think would be useful and find a sledgehammer and just go at the motor..

My buddy told me he will be out to my place again to take a look at it again. So if he can't fix then..I will do the above. I'm already saving to get the Engine Kit from Chris. Sounds like his kits are much less problematic.. Stupid made in china junk..Guess that what you get for a cheap motor.
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