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Default 2 Stroke Oil - I want to know what you don't use and why?

I have been searching around for oil recommendations. I'm running a new Tanaka 32cc and they recommend their oil of course, which is not found locally. GEBE's site recommends a synthetic blend at 50:1, and I read on another forums that Dennis recommends Lucas Synthetic Blend 2 Stroke. I wanted to try G-Oil by Green Earth ( G-Oil ), but I would like to know what and engine looks like after tear down before I take the leap. I can get the Lucas and G-Oil close by.

Has anyone used Lucas or G-Oil and done a tear down? Was carbon buildup or stuck rings an issue? Did you have any other mechanical issues?

If you would like to recommend and oil other than these, let's do it differently. Tell us what oil you WILL NOT USE and why. Then tell us what you do use and why.

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