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Default Re: First posts are for venting, and other things

Howdy Neo, welcome. I think you are on to a good start. A good bike makes for a good foundation. I have had great luck at Goodwill, yard sales and craigslist, for older bikes. Some times, I have bought bikes just for parts that always seem to come in handy. But back to your point, the mega-price bikes, well they might be worth it for a competitor or some one really in to it. A lot goes into them with R&D and exotic materials for performance and weight. Not as big an issue with a MB. If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, start with the perfect steel frame, bought new or scavenged off an old bike. Build her from the ground up or start with a really good old bike and upgrade as you like.

One of the coolest things about building these is that your never finished. There is always some thing you wanna try or change or paint or redo. Or start on that second build you have been thinking about since you almost finished the first.

Welcome to the crazy.
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