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Default Re: Clutch Help Please!

The first question I'd ask is; Is this a new engine that has never run? Many guys have trouble with the clutch at first because from manufacture until the time you get it the clutch pucks (friction surfaces) can stick. Usually all it takes to free them is a good hard push on the clutch lever (the one at the engine) I know it seems stiff and hard to move with your hand but it will if you apply enough pressure. I made a tool to move the clutch lever but Vise-Grips will work too. Wrap the lever with a cloth so you don't scratch it all up then rotate it toward the engine using the Vise-Grips as a lever which will put more pressure on it than you can comfortably do with your hand. If the pucks are stuck they will usually free up with this method. It's always recommended to lubricate the clutch cable also. Oil works but if you remove the cable from the sheath you can coat it with a light grease. Good luck, let us know how you do.
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