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Default Re: Do I want to build motorbikes?

Of course you could make xtra money from this hobby, the first day I rode my very first build (about a month ago) I had 2 people ask me "how much" since I was not ready to part with it I declined any offer.

But my guess is a person at your age or mine (45) would be able to sell these motorized bicycle on the side for some xtra cash flow. If you are worried about a lawsuit , then maybe you dont want to take the "risk" of selling these whole sale, maybe just one or two per month . I think Americans fear of the "lawsuit" should not stop us from enjoying a fine hobby like this one. You may want to contact a lawyer first and have him make up a legal form for your customers to sign when they purchase it an have them "assume" all risks with buying this new build.

But as an idea if I were in your shoes and this being a hobby not a "job" , Just browse garage sales and the want ad's and look for very very cheap bikes and go with the $119 2 stroke from . Keep your price low and you will get customers, and as time goes on and you develop a clientele for this market then you can make better and more elaborate builds for more money.

Here is how i personally would price my bike, I figure it takes about 2-4 hours to complete a simple build the charge would be $100 for that . the motor plus shipping is around $145. you can either use a free or cheap bike you locate and add the price you pay for the bike into the final cost.

So to sum it up, you would make approx. 100-175 per build plus 100 for your time = max $275 to sell it , and I pocket $100 per sale . So just keep the price low , or you could go another way and if someone just has there own bike you add just the motor and tell them it will cost them w/e the motor price is plus $100 for your time to install it.

If you have the cash on hand , you can also make these cheaper by finding a site that will sell these 2 strokers in bulk . I found one site that would sell 10 complete kits for $995 plus shipping.

good luck in your retirement and most importantly have some fun with this hobby, hope this lengthy response helped you out
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