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Default Do I want to build motorbikes?

I have just about given up on ever finding another job at 73. I am looking at some down time when I get my knee overhauled anyhow. Maggie suggested after I had to let my son in Tulsa use my HT/Schwinn to find work that I could make some coin building and selling them.
What would a 70cc Gru Bee in a new $125 bike sell for ready to go? Or possibly a bit better bike such as a Cranbrook Huffey at $140? (NOT Walleyworld). It would require a bit of rigging to mount it properly. One thing I am concerned about is if I build one and sell it, that's just an individual doing his thing, but if I do a bunch of em and some dumbA-- hurts himself on it, he is either going to blame me,as a business, or George Bush, and sue me. Would going LLC do any good to save my butt? I may pursue that drive chain brake idea also. I dropped my resume of at the Tri County Tech office offering my assistance by designing and building machinery or prototyping for people in the new business incubator cheaply. I netted one father and son with a new steam engine idea that need a prototype built that might be fun. Right now I am skinning my Lotus 7 replica for entertainment.
Curtis Fox, one of the motorbike club members and his wife dropped by for a visit on their way to Utah in their motorhome. I really enjoyed the chance to meet someone I have only known online.
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