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Default Re: Expense, reliability and support

Originally Posted by Bill View Post
To Rob in Ct and others, thank you! Apparently in Pa. you have to get these creations inspected, titled, plated and insured. It's complicated. Just to get on the road modestly and safely would you guys recommend a plane jane single speed platform bike? What about brakes, and do they require headlights, horns, signals? Sorry for the seemingly redundant questions but this is all new to me. Rob, where are you in Ct.? I'm familiar with the state.
Thanks Bill
Im in Wallingford..AKA wallyworld,Na so far its still a bicycle and the cops dont bother us much,sometimes curious though,I wave at most of them.In wallyworld you will want your lights in order if you ride at nite! Id recomend what I did,throw a 2 stroke on and go from there,you know what You prefer for safety.Hand signals are fine breaks are simple calipers although I burn them out often.
PM me and Ill tell you my dealer,I dont want to be un PC....LOL
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