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Default Re: New build gasket questions

Why are you replacing new gaskets? Granted some of the intake manifold gaskets I've seen are a bit thin and it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a replacemnt on hand but as far as head and cylinder to case gaskets, just torque the head bolts after the engine has reached operating temperature the first time and you should be good to go. Don't let some of the opinions you read here scare you into unnessessary work. The stock gaskets, for the most part will suffice and do not require replacement unless an engine tear-down becomes necessary. Also, don't overtighten those fasteners, any of them. Yes, check your nuts and bolts periodically but do not subscribe to that, tighten-everytime-you-ride theory. That's how and why so many guys have problems with broken fasteners. They tighten them too much and too often. When it comes to the carb to intake, use a good grade of silicone gasket sealer only. Do not install and 'O' ring or gasket between the carb and intake, and don't overtighten the carb clamp. Hope this helps you out.
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