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Default First posts are for venting, and other things

Hello, my name is mark long time listener, first time poster.
First off I am glad to see a bunch of you guys are very involved in the idea of bicycle motorization and the like. The site is put together well and the posts flow of wisdom which is great. I would like to build a Bike for fun(speed) and reliable transportation.(Just in case we have to get all Mad Max) Also Ive wanted a moped/dirtbike/scooter/gokart/hoverboard since I was a kid and this is my reckoning of those lost times.

I myself havent ridden a bike for about 10 years or so. I used to read the "Performance" Bike catalogs my dad would get in the 80s. I was always more intrigued by the speedometer computers and expensive parts that seemed to flood the pages, then the actual idea of riding, though i did have a single speed Huffy which was cool, and my Dad would eventually give me his Alpine Road bike. But later on we would ride much more after we had some ten speeds would have allow some great riding times my brother, father and I.

So my first question and beef is, What is with the pricing of bikes?,..Do they really cost that much to make?? 3000% more then a nice looking(Untrained Eye) Walmart Bike?? I thought the Jeep Wranglers at Sears for 600 was over the top back in 1999 or so. How much more aluminum do I NOT get for a lighter much more expensive bike. heh

I dont know what my dad paid for his alpine but i know it wasnt 3 grand or even 1 grand!, Im thinking like 400 at most. I was able to go 40 or more downhill just the same as one today, It was light and fast, So are todays bikes really that much better then a top of the line "Performance" Bike or similar when i was a kid, I cant imagine any bike on the market being even as cutting edge as a 25 year old Olympic bike...But i could be completely wrong. And at the end of the day,,,How much faster are you really gonna be? I know Carbon Fiber is nicer then fiber glass but...ok n/m thats all just money and tech and speed.

See I worked in the automotive industry (Ford Parts)for years, and I,- just like the old guys, KNOW the old stuff is better(Ford Anyway) then the new..Well it depends on what you want...The old stuff is easier to work on, parts are cheap and plentiful for the most part. Though I may throw that in to the wind in this endeavor. I just love the look of dual suspensions over none.

Ok ok,,Im not complaining or anything, I love expensive stuff as long as I feel im getting something for it ya know..these tough times...anyway..Jeez just looked up Performance to see if there still in business and they are expensive too! lol

So its like...that K2 or that KIA guys are hard core cuz I know you guys have a bunch of thse bikes too, wow..

Ok so I would love to have rides like you all and I wanted a bit of advice..I wanted to get a (used) decent mountainbike thats has dual suspensions and will be best to accept a morini 50cc(5.8hp) and the SBK jackshaft/shifter kit .. Is there a generic version of that GT LTS frame?????? lol


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