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Hi Pablo and gang!

The EPA OUTLAWED the Importation of these engines in 2005, none to be imported after that time. Specific people have chosen to ignore that fact, some buying parts and Illegally assembling them here, others printed false labels on thier boxes and pallets (Lies!), still others import in plain boxes apparently untill they get caught?

Legal to, own, ride, resell and repair.

Illegal to Import, build from parts, build from sub-assemblies.
And yes this means Illegal to ship from Canada, Mexico, or where-ever! When I found out the ban was set I became a Whizzer dealer and that was summer of '05.

Additionally, you can thank your friendly Japanese Engine Manufacterers who bought and paid for this ban with thier own money! It took them over 3 years to pay off, conive, and bribe thier way into getting Chinese 2-strokes shut off, while they remain able to import 1 "dirty" 2-stroke for every "clean" 4-stroke they ship here.

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