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Default Re: So I Find This Guy Riding My Bike

My wife has been unemployed over a year, so I"m at my absolutely BEST behavior at work. I can't risk being fired. Who knows what this situation could've escalated to. I could've hurt him badly or vice versa. For an old bike? Nope, not worth it.

Tonypedia, I might consider pepper spray to keep in my toolkit, just in case.

Veniceboy, a few years ago they allowed all three of us to bring our bikes into the office. However the administrators felt were were tracking in dirt/oil and dirtying the already filthy carpet. Sooo, they installed bikeracks on the fourth floor parking lot.

I'm the only bicyclist in a building of 300 employees. So sad.

2door, yes I was teed off. My good friend the tough, 76yo building security guard said he would've punched the guy if it happened to him. But then again the guard was recently arrested for beating up a man young enough to be his grandson....inside the young guy's front of the wife and kid...on the day of my friend's son's funeral.

Can we

Doc, I guess he picked the wrong house to break in, even if the door was unlocked. Good lesson.

grouchy, nah. not worth it to me. But what happened to the dog?

rmeloy, it might've been different away from work. I like that extra lock.
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