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Lightbulb Sprockets Front and Back

I have been thinking about putting on a 32 T sprocket on the front and using a 22 T on the rear.Has anyone here done this and if so how was it.Like to easy to pedal or was it ok This will be my back up if my little engine plays out on me or if I run out of gas.I want it to be as easy as I can get it but not as it would be with a 21 speed bike most 21 speeds bike
has a 28,38,48 sprocket on the front and the the back has 7 gears on it.I have this 32 T sprocket now it only cost
me 4.99 so if I don't use it no big deal to me.When I got it I said this sure is small lol think I may just use it as a clock.
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