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The squeal sound is pretty much gone. Not sure what it was, just went away. I have had the worst luck with my rear tire. I've had three flats in the last 5 days. Nails every time. On my way to the same store every time. Guess I'm gonna have to find somewhere else to buy cheap wine. I think the engine is getting pretty close to broke in. When I first put the kit on, it started easy, but had to run for a few minutes before the throttle would work. Now it's hard to start, I have to roll down the big hill I live on(thankfully I live on the top of the hill) for about 45 seconds before the engine will fire up, but as soon as it starts it runs pretty smooth. I'm about half way through my third tank, and the idle adjustment screw still isn't doing anything. It is really annoying, every time I justwant to stop for a second I have to kill the engine and pedal to restart it because as soon as I pull in the clutch lever the engine revs up to about, well I really have no idea what the rpms get up to, but it is so high I have to shut it off. It is loud and annoying when I hold in the clutch. Hopefully by the time this tank is gone I can adjust the idle. I love ridin this thing though, two of my friends have said they are going to order kits, we'll see if they do. It would be nice to have someone to ride with.
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