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Default Re: So I Find This Guy Riding My Bike

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
and I catch the building maintenance man riding my bike!!!

"Bra, you wanna put my bike back on the rack?" I asked in a serious ominous tone.

"But the bike wasn't locked up." was his main defense he and his partner kept insisting.

So he rolls my bike between the rack and the wall and places the cinder block next to the crankset.

I asked him what he was thinking. He mentioned again that the bike was unlocked. It's not like the bike was sitting there abandoned for months. I just brought it there two hours ago. I told him not in my wildest dream would I do such a thing.

His friend utters the same lame excuse.

It's not like this guy's a young naive guy. Both men were in their 50's.

I was upset. If I'd reported the incident both men would probably get fired for such a stupid mistake.

Two family men losing their job over poor judgment over a bike not worth $40.

If they were messing with "The Dragon Lady", my regular commuter bike I would've pressed charges and have them fired.

It's not over yet. I'm looking for an apology. They never said they were sorry.

What would you have done?
Hoi, 5-7. Was going to get into all this culture stuff, but fuggedaboudit.
I got no mercy. I'd have turned them in. I've had an expensive bike stripped in a "secure" parking garage. Had to have been a resident. Cost me several hundred to rebuild it and started bringing it upstairs to my studio using the elevator,which was against the rules. RM caught me one day and asked me about it. In my "spooky face" (my daughter calls it) I told him I own my unit and I'll hold him financially responsible if my bike gets stripped again or stolen. Of course I couldn't, but I guess I looked spooky enough he back off and never bothered me about it again.

Remember the dog incident at Pali Golf Course? Suppose you left a dog down there, just for a few minutes while you went up to get some food for it or something. The 2 guys would have taken it home to feed their families dinner.
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