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Originally Posted by hombremosqa View Post
you know, its funny, i found the exact same tank and thought "hey, this might work," but when i got home, it was too funny looking for me. so i went back and looked more closely and found this. i think its from a mid 70's suzuki. i don't know exactly since the guy here tears the bikes apart and groups the pieces into piles. i think if you change the angle of your tank, it might look better. how wide is it?
The tank is narrow, only about 9 inches wide. And I agree, it needs to be positioned better but I was just trying to get an idea of what it would look like. I layed a rubber glove across the bike so I wouldn't scratch the paint and just balanced the tank where it would stay without falling while I took a picture. Since then I've used some thin rubber to save the paint and set the tank where I think it looks best; further back and a little lower. Like I said, I'm starting to like the looks. I think if its painted to match the bike it'll look more at home.
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